What is the difference between and allergy and ENT doctor? An ENT Specialist is commonly referred to as an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor that specializes in those areas of the body. However, the proper term for an ENT is an Otolaryngologist. See why they shorten it to just three letters?

An ENT Specialist is a fully licensed and educated doctor that focuses on the ear, nose, throat passageways as well as your head and neck. They are specially trained to understand how all of these systems within the body work and these specialized doctors have been around since the 19thcentury.

ENT’s can do a wide range of medical procedures including treating ear conditions like infections or hearing loss. They also can address nasal issues like allergies and sinusitis. ENT Specialists can also diagnose throat issues like difficulty swallowing or tonsillitis. Sleep apnea is another main focus of ENT’s as well as surgery for any of these areas.

An ENT is a specialist that will be referred to you after seeing your general physician. Usually, referrals come after a chronic issue that hasn’t’ been resolved by normal medicine. ENT Specialists are highly trained and focused on this area of the body and are experts at diagnosing and treating issues that will not seem to go away.

ENT’s are especially helpful in working with allergy doctors as they determine the cause of allergies. Allergy and ENT providers work together in determining the kind of allergy being presented and solving where the allergy is coming from. The allergy and ENT doctors at your local National Allergy and ENT location will work together to help you get to the bottom of your allergic reaction