Allergy and ENT Doctor | How to Pack a Nut Free Lunch

Allergy and ENT Doctor | Sending kids back to school can be a little tricky in the lunch department. Allergy and ENT doctors have helped schools realize the need for creating nut-free environments. Many schools are going nut-free which can make it hard to pack a lunch if you aren’t used to nut allergies. Here are 3 tips on how to pack a nut-free lunch for your little learners:

Choose Whole Foods

Packing whole foods for your little ones like fruits and vegetables is a great and easy way to get around the nut free rule. Whole foods, unless they are nuts, are a healthy choice for students to have in their lunch. Consider taking a little extra time packing whole foods than reaching for convenient packs of prepackaged options.

Read, Read, Read

If you do pack something that is packaged make sure to read the entire label. Households with a nut allergy already have their go-to favorites involving what products are safe. However, many things are made not only with nuts but are also processed in an environment of nuts. Make sure to check your school’s rules and pack lunches in order to keep everyone safe. Contact your allergy and ENT doctor if you ever have a question regarding what your child can have if they have nut allergies.

Get Creative

Sometimes when there is a rule about lunches it can seem that it greatly limits your choices. However, there are still a lot of options when it comes to lunches if you get creative. Consider making a homemade lunchable with meat, cheese, and crackers or consider packing hard boiled eggs for an extra punch of protein. Adding a small container of ranch to dip carrot sticks or broccoli can be another great way to add healthy nut free options to a lunch as well as adhere to school rules.

There are plenty of resources online as parents all across the nation try to figure out how to pack nut-free lunches for their little ones. Make sure that you follow school rules in order to keep everyone safe and get creative with your lunch planning. Once you make a few weeks of lunches it will become easier as you learn what works for both you and your child. If you have questions about nut allergies consider calling an allergy and ENT doctor at National Allergy and Associates today.


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