Allergy Doctor | Working Outside with Allergies

Allergy Doctor | For the outdoor adventurer or person who works outside, developing allergies can be a huge bummer. Sniffly noses, itchy eyes, and irritating coughs can make working outside, taking a run, or going on a hike unbearable. Some outdoors lovers believe they’ll have to change their entire lifestyle when they develop allergies, but there are many things that your Charleston allergy doctor may recommend so that you can keep enjoying the outdoors. 

  1. Go Outside When Pollen Is Likely to Be Low- Plan your outdoor adventures on days where it’s cloudy, windless, and right after a rain when pollen is likely to be lower. Pollen is also expected to be lower early in the morning or later in the evening; although pollen count can vary by the hour. If you want to spend time gardening, working outside, or doing yard projects, you should plan to do it in the morning or after dinner. 
  2. Shower After You’re Outside- Pollen sticks to your hair and clothing, which is why your allergies can bother you even after you’ve gone back inside. Make sure to take a shower and change all of your clothing if you are extremely sensitive to allergies. Never sit on your bed, couch, or another surface in your outdoors clothing otherwise the allergens would be transferred. 
  3. Visit an Allergy Doctor- When your allergies are starting to impact your daily routine, you should visit a Charleston allergy doctor. You shouldn’t have to be miserable, especially when the outdoors is so important to you and your lifestyle. Your Charleston allergy doctor can help you manage your symptoms when over the counter medications aren’t enough. If your allergies are causing you breathing difficulties, it is especially important that you make an appointment with an allergy doctor. 

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