Allergy Doctor | 3 Ways to Make Rooms Safer For Asthma Patients


Allergy Doctor | There is a lot that patients can do in order to help combat their own asthma symptoms. Besides medical treatment, asthma doctors will encourage patients to change items in their bedroom in order to lessen the chance of an asthma attack. Here are 3 ways that an asthma doctor recommends to make your room safer as an asthma sufferer:

Ditch the Carpet

We all know that having carpet in a bedroom is nice on the toes but the added collection of dust and allergens doesn’t help asthma patients. Consider taking up the carpet of the bedroom and replacing the flooring with wood or vinyl. Having a small area rug, instead of wall to wall carpet, will help keep down dust mites and other triggers that can hinder asthmatic patients.

Cut Down On Plush

If your child suffers from asthma consider cutting down on the number of stuffed animals in the bedroom. These cozy friends are nice to have but they also can trap allergens and become a problem for asthmatic children. Downsize the number of plush animals in the room and only allow one or two stuffed animals in bed to help lessen the chance of an asthma attack.

Fido Needs To Go

Allowing pets in the bedroom, or on the bed, can greatly increase the chance of having an asthma attack. Pet hair and dander can build up and cause harm to an asthma patient. Move pets to another area of the home to help lighten the load of dust and allergens in the bedroom.

Creating a safe space in your home is vital to being able to control allergy symptoms. Getting rid of bedroom carpet, kicking out the pets, and cutting down on the amount of plush fabrics will help to decrease the harm that a bedroom can cause.

If you need more help on making sure that your bedroom is safe, contact an asthma doctor at a National Allergy & ENT office nearest you for more information.