Allergy Doctor | Methods To Minimize Allergen Exposure

Allergy Doctor | Allergies affect millions of people across the world every day. Although you cannot cure an allergy issue, you can try to avoid the exposure to certain allergens that cause your body to react in a negative way.


If your allergies are severe, it is best to seek the advice of an allergy doctor to come up with a plan that will best suit your lifestyle. Here are some common ways that you can try to minimize allergen exposure in your everyday life.


Wear A Mask During Outdoor Activity

Being outside, especially in the spring and summer, can cause your allergies to really flare up. Some activities that can contribute to this include: mowing the grass, working the garden and pulling weeds. To help minimize the allergies that you are inhaling, it is a good idea to wear some sort of mask over your nose and mouth. This can help reduce the allergens that you breathe in while working outside.


Change Filters Often

Air filters and water filters are designed to stop certain allergens and chemicals from passing through. Over time all filters can become dirty and clogged and will not work as efficiently. You should change your air and water filters often so that you can continue to take in clean air/water. Filter lifespans are normally printed on the containers they are packaged in. This will give you an idea of how long they should last.


Wear Sunglasses

A little-known fact is that many allergens, such as pollen, can be absorbed through the eyes. By wearing sunglasses, you can reduce the allergens that come in through this entry point. Sunglasses with UV protection are also good ways to protect your eyes from the suns rays.


Wash Hair Regularly

Your hair is a common area that can store allergens, such as pollen. If you go to bed and rest your head on your pillow without washing your hair, you will then transfer the allergens to your pillowcase. This gives easy access for the allergens to reach your eyes, nose or mouth. By washing your hair before bed you can help reduce the number of allergens you ingest while sleeping.


If you experience allergies or have allergy related questions you should seek the help of an allergy doctor. If you are in the Charleston area, one of the best allergy doctor facilities that you can contact is National Allergy & ENT. Their allergy doctors can help determine what allergies are affecting your body and help you to develop a plan of action.