Allergy Doctor | How to Test for Allergies

Allergy Doctor | Allergies can be a very frustrating condition, especially when you are trying to determine what you are actually allergic to. You can develop rashes and irritated skin that can be very uncomfortable to deal with. An allergy doctor can run certain tests to try to determine what is causing the allergic reaction. By determining what you are allergic to, your allergy doctor can help you formulate a treatment plan to help you feel better.


Skin Test

The skin test is probably the most common way to test what allergens are negatively affecting your body. The skin test is a reliable method and a relatively painless procedure. To perform the test the allergy doctor puts a very small amount of a certain allergen into your skin. This is done by making a small indentation or small prick on the skin’s surface. If you are allergic to the material then that small area of your skin will react negatively. A little swelling will occur in the are that the allergen was applied. Your doctor can test several allergens at once at different places on the skin. Reactions will normally start to occur within about 15 minutes.


Blood Test

Sometimes a skin test may not be safe or does not work. Sometimes certain medications or a skin condition can rule out using a skin test. In this case, a blood test is a second option to test for allergens. The blood test is a little more invasive and can take more time. This is because your allergy doctor will need to use a needle to remove blood and send off for testing.


For more information on allergies and allergy testing, you should contact the doctors at National Allergy & ENT. They will help you determine what is causing your allergic reaction and help make a plan to ease your discomfort.