Allergy Doctor | Common Food Allergies And Their Symptoms

Allergy Doctor | Food allergies are a big concern that people of all ages have to deal with. Depending on the severity level of your allergy you may not only have to avoid ingesting the food but also simply coming into contact. Historically, food allergies are more common in childhood and sometimes can be outgrown over time. If you are a child in school this becomes a real concern, especially when everyone is eating a different lunch or snack. Often teachers and administrators must insist that certain foods not be brought to school, when a student suffers a very severe food allergy. To understand more about you or your child’s allergies you should seek out information from an allergy doctor. Here are some common food allergies that people struggle with varying levels of severity.


Egg allergies are most common in children, especially children under 3 years of age. There are three proteins that eggs contain that cause the food allergy. These include ovomucoid, ovalbumin and con albumin. Sometimes cooking egg thoroughly can eliminate some of the allergens but not always. Some people may be susceptible to cooked eggs and/or raw eggs.


An allergy to cows milk is one of the most common allergies that a child will experience. Babies can experience the allergy by ingesting dairy eaten by their mother through breast milk or by drinking cows’ milk on their own. Some of the common symptoms of a milk allergy include rash, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramping.


Nut allergies can be categorized into two separate categories: tree nuts and ground nuts. Tree nuts include: walnuts, almonds, pecans, pine nuts and cashews among others. Ground nut allergies mainly come from issues with the peanut, but those same people are often also affected by soybeans, green beans, kidney beans and peas. People with nut allergies normally must deal with them through out their entire life. Nut allergies, especially peanut allergies, can be very severe and include symptoms such as anaphylaxis.

If you or someone you love is may have a food allergy, you should consider seeking out an allergy doctor. An allergy doctor will be able to run tests that can isolate the specific foods that cause you issue. A great place to contact for allergy questions is National Allergy & ENT. Their doctors can help you learn more about your allergies and help you to find ways to manage them.