Allergy Doctor | Can I Develop Allergies As An Adult?


Allergy Doctor | Many people think that you are born with allergies and cannot get them as you age. It is true that you are born with many allergies and develop others when you are a small child. However, this is not the only time that you can develop allergic reactions to certain items. As you age it is possible to become allergic to different things that you come into contact with.

You develop allergies when your body thinks that certain substances are going to cause you harm. Your immune system attempts to fight off the effects of this substance and causes you to experience allergy-related symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of allergies include itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy/runny nose, skin issues and digestive issues. Food allergies can range in severity and in extreme cases can cause symptoms that can lead to death.


There are many theories from allergy doctors as to what causes certain allergies but the exact causes are still unknown. Often your environment can contribute to the types of allergies that you experience. For example, you may move to a different city or state and come into contact with different types of plants, pollen or foods that your body is not used to. These new substances can cause your body to react in ways that try to fight them off. Another example is that you change jobs and come into contact with new substances at the workplace. Everyone’s body is different and can react in its own unique way.


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