Allergy Doctor | Adult Onset Seasonal Allergies: What Your Allergy Doctors Needs to Tell You


Allergy Doctor | Just because you grew up without watering eyes, runny nose, and terrible headaches from seasonal allergies doesn’t mean you will stay so lucky your entire life. Even adults can develop allergies, including becoming allergic to foods, medicines, or fragrances, they never had a problem within the past.


Allergies start when your body mistakes a substance as harmful such as a certain food, pollen, grass, mold, or animal fur. When the allergen stimulates your immune system, chemicals are released that cause allergy symptoms such as having a runny nose. These symptoms are your body’s way of getting the allergen out of your body.


There is no official reason why adults can develop allergies or exactly what triggers the immune system to mistake an allergen as dangerous. Some allergy doctors believe that keeping your environment too sterile (called the hygiene hypothesis), poor home ventilation, increased air pollutants, getting a pet or increasing frequency of being around animals, and a more sedentary lifestyle can all be to blame for the increase of seasonal allergies in adults.


Most adults that develop allergies do so in between their twenties and forties, but it is possible to develop allergies later in life. Symptoms of allergies may have been present your whole life, but were mistakenly diagnosed as a cold or infection, especially if the symptoms didn’t last long. Perhaps the symptoms weren’t severe, so you never saw an allergy doctor. Allergies can pop up without ever having symptoms in the past, especially if you are exposed to an allergen when your immune system is already weak such as when you are sick or pregnant.


Your allergy doctor may perform blood tests or skin tests to determine exactly what you are allergic too or if you just have seasonal allergies. They may recommend allergy shots, managing allergies with over the counter medication, or prescription allergy medication.


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