Allergy Doctor | 3 Things to Know About Immunotherapy


Allergy Doctor | For those patients with moderate to extreme allergy conditions, immunotherapy is an excellent option in order to potentially change the allergic disease. Immunotherapy is an excellent allergy treatment that helps many patients live more free and fulfilling lives. Here are 3 things that you need to know about immunotherapy:

Not For Everyone

Immunotherapy is not something that is offered to every asthma patient. Your allergy doctor will recommend immunotherapy if you suffer from hay fever, allergic asthma, or are experiencing life threatening reactions to insect venom. Patients who receive immunotherapy are considered to be in the moderate to severe categories in relation to their allergy symptoms.

There Are Two Phases

Patients will receive immunotherapy in a build-up phase and then a maintenance phase. The build-up phase is used for 3-6 months and injections will be given 1-2 times per week. This will allow your body to have regular interaction with the allergy and help build a tolerance for it. The maintenance phase happens after the build-up phase where patients will receive a dose every 2-4 weeks for the period of many years.

Timing Is Important

Patients who are on immunotherapy need to make sure to keep their injection appointments on a predetermined schedule. Getting off the schedule can cause different dosing to be administered to get your body back onto the right dosage schedule. After receiving an injection, patients must wait at least 30 minutes in the office to make sure that there are no complications with the allergy treatment.

Immunotherapy is a great allergy treatment option for those patients who suffer from hay fever or have allergic asthma conditions.


Contact the National Allergy & ENT center nearest you for more information on immunotherapy and how it can help you.