Allergy and ENT doctor | Top Pets That Cause Allergies

Allergy and ENT doctor | Having a serious allergy diagnosis in the home can be hard when trying to decide to get a pet. There are many factors to consider and not all pets provide the same triggers to allergies for every allergy patient. Check out these usual pets that can cause the most allergies within a home:


The main issue with a dog in the home is the amount of hair that is shed on a daily basis. Consider checking out non-shedding dog breeds in order to keep the dog hair in your home to a minimum. Some mixes of certain breeds can also have low shedding qualities. Ask your allergy and ENT doctor about some popular non-shedding dog breeds that other patients have had success with. Also consider doing a trial run of a new dog or puppy in the home to make sure that allergies are not made worse by the new addition.


Another high allergy breed includes cats in the home. Cats are a little bit different than dogs, as not everyone who is bothered by dogs will be bothered by cats, and vice versa. Cat hair usually isn’t the main culprit but dander and saliva can cause problems for certain family members. Common signs of allergy to a cat include sneezing and watering eyes. Consider asking your allergy and ENT doctor about any kind of cats that they know of which may be safe for the family.


Most homes won’t have direct contact with a pet horse but horse allergies can be a major problem for those patients who live on a farm or in the country. Allergies usually flare up when a horse is groomed. The allergen is contained within the skin of a horse making brushing, washing, or direct contact with a horse troublesome.

Thanks to different breeds and education, there are some options for pets with homes that have a severe allergy. Consider checking with your allergy and ENT doctor at National Allergy and Associates in order to discuss pet options for your home.