Allergy and ENT | 3 Common Daily Asthma Medications

Allergy and ENT | Many Americans suffer from asthma in one form or another. Some just experience asthma during exercise while others can have a sudden attack anytime. There are many options now for medication regarding asthma. Check out these medications that your asthma doctor may prescribe during your next appointment:

Inhaled Corticosteroids

There is a reason why inhalers are the most used treatment for asthma: they work! An inhaled corticosteroid is medication that is breathable through an inhaler. Not only does this inhaled steroid control asthma better but it also prevents symptoms and flare-ups in asthma patients. An asthma doctor will usually prescribe both a rescue and a non-rescue inhaler for asthma patients. The inhaled corticosteroid is the non-rescue type of inhaler that will not quickly help in the event of an asthma attack. Daily and consistent use of this inhaler will prevent an asthma attack though.

Long-Acting Beta-Agonists

This medication is commonly used along with inhaled steroids in order to control asthma long term. Common long-acting beta-agonists include Advair and Symbicort and are usually used twice a day. These inhaled medications should not be used as an inhaler replacement but only along with an inhaled steroid.


In order to help regulate the immune system, immunomodulators may be used for some asthma patients. These medications should only be used along with other medications, like an inhaled steroid, to help normalize the immune system and control asthma symptoms. This medication modifies the body’s immune system response by stimulating white blood cell activity.

Asthma is a serious condition that should be treated by a licensed asthma doctor. These medications are all part of a daily health plan for patients who suffer from asthma symptoms.

If you think you may have asthma, contact your local National Allergy & ENT office today for an appointment.