Allergy and Asthma Doctors | What Does An Allergy and Asthma Doctor Do?


Allergy & Asthma Doctors | Has your primary care physician suggested that you or a family member you care for needs to see an allergy and asthma doctor? You may be wondering what this kind of specialist does that is different from your regular doctor and if it is worth seeing one, and we assure you, it is!


What is an Allergy and Asthma Doctor?


Also called an allergist, an allergy and asthma doctor specializes in diagnosing, treating, and helping patients manage allergic diseases and asthma conditions. Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, asthma, or hay fever and need to see a doctor for a solution.


What is An Allergy?


An allergy happens when a substance triggers your immune system’s defenses and tricks it into believing that the substance, called the allergen, is dangerous. Allergic reactions can be very serious or fatal in extreme cases. The most common allergens are pollen, pet dander, mold, dust, insects, chemicals, food, medicines, feathers, and poisons from stings or bites.


What is Asthma?


Asthma is a very common condition that three million people are diagnosed within the United States every year. The condition causes your airways to be inflamed and constricted, causing breathing difficulty and triggering mucus production. Asthma requires a diagnosis from a doctor, and the condition can be lifelong.


How Does An Allergy And Asthma Doctor Help?


Your allergist will run tests, including blood tests and skin tests to determine what you are allergic to. Sometimes merely identifying the allergen and avoiding it is the best course of action, especially if it is not something you come into contact with often. Sometimes over the counter medications help, and for people with chronic allergies, or severe allergies, prescription medication is necessary. The most severe allergic reactions require allergy shots, and some individuals have to carry epi pens. Your allergy and asthma doctor will help you find the best course of treatment for your case.


If you are suffering from asthma, your doctor will help you find the right prescription medication that works for you, which can include daily pills, an inhaler or nebulizer. People with asthma are often advised to live a healthy lifestyle to keep their weight in a normal range and avoid smoking.

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