Since ancient times, clinical trials and research have been an important part of human history. While not always as scientific as they are now, trials have helped people discover new ways of functioning and treating issues. A clinical trial goes through many stages, called phases, before a drug can be considered by the FDA. Here at National Allergy & ENT our Research department works on Phase III trials.


What Is A Phase III Clinical Trial?

Phase III of a trial compares a new drug to the standard drug that is already on the market for that specific symptom. These trials assess the side effects of each drug and view which drug works best. These clinical trials are randomized, meaning patients are put into treatment groups by chance. Whether they receive drug or a placebo is completely random. Phase III clinical trials watch patients closely to see if side effects appear to be too severe or if other complications emerge. If this becomes apparent then the study is stopped early.

Phase III Clinical Trials at National Allergy & ENT:

National Allergy & ENT has conducted research clinical trials for over 25 years in multiple conditions involving asthma, allergies, skin conditions, immunology, ENT, and more. The process of conducting a trial here is simple as Research Manager, Faye, explains:

When starting up with a new clinical trial we will either seek out the sponsor or a sponsor will reach out to us about the trial. Once communication begins with the sponsor we receive a feasibility questionnaire to see if our site is a good fit for the study. Once this questionnaire is filled out and returned to the sponsor they complete a site selection. If we are a good fit for the trial they contact us about we can begin regulatory documents and contracts. With the paperwork complete I submit our study site to the Internal Revenue Board (IRB) to register for the trial. During this time we begin pre-screening patients, finding patients we think might work well in the trial. Once we are given the green light to screen patients we begin scheduling those that we prescreened. It is a simple process!

National Allergy & ENT is currently enrolling for multiple clinical trials including asthma, atopic dermatitis (eczema), chronic urticaria (hives), and more. For a complete list of what is enrolling, and future studies click here. To sign up for a clinical trial please call the Research department at (843) 261-2222 or sign up here.